Conference Venue

Vienna International Hotel Shanghai Pudong Xiupu Road
Address: No. 833, Xiupu Road,Pudong Kangqiao, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86(21) 80131666
Fax: +86(21) 80131660

地址: 上海浦东新区周浦康桥镇秀浦路833号

How to access to the hotel:
Shanghai has two international airports ---Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. There are several railway stations in Shanghai. Typical ones are Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station. One can also access to Shanghai by Ship. For non-Chinese Author, please show the following picture to the taxi driver if you take taxi.

Hotel Reservation(酒店订房优惠价格)
Deluxe single room: 300RMB (breakfast)
Deluxe double room: 300RMB (breakfast)

1 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence